Resilience and Capacity Building

The network designs and implements interventions that strengthen resilience and capacities of HRDs to carry out their human rights work despite associated risks and threats. Interventions focus on a process of continuous and clear appreciation and analysis of the threats that HRDS face measured against the vulnerabilities and capacities that they have, with a clear plan to reduce vulnerabilities while increasing capacities.

The resilience and capacity building programing strand aims at increasing HRD’s knowledge of protection tools and mechanisms available to them in Southern Africa. interventions under this programme area are also carried out at the national level to improve the capacity of local networks.  

The SAHRDN’s Resilience and Capacity Building activities include trainings on a variety of human rights mechanisms, risk assessment and management for HRDs; cyber (digital) security, systematic human rights data collection and documentation, and other contemporary issues and capacity areas (including human rights and organizational development issues) relevant for HRDs.

The SAHRDN also conducts organisational capacity and needs assessment of network members in Southern Africa on an ongoing basis with a dedicated function towards capacity and network building.