Zimbabwe: Message from Robson Chere the Secretary-General of Amalgamated Rural Teachers’ Union

Revolutionary greetings cdes. It has come to my attention that the Zimbabwe Republic Police (ZRP) are looking for me for an ‘interview’ in relation to the impending demonstration on the 31st of July 2030.

List of HRDs and Democracy Activists that is wanted by Zimbabwe Republic Police ahead of the 31st Protests in Zimbabwe

As far as I am concerned and from where I stand, I have never applied for any job with the ZRP I am employed by the government already as a passionate and dedicated teacher. It is enough for me so I don’t need any interview with the police.

The government is emphasising the need for social distance due to the covid 19 pandemic. As a law abiding and responsible citizen, I will not ignore the government directive of social distance by availing myself to a reckless, ill advised and unnecessary interview. In that light, I advise the ZRP to contact me telephonically. They have my contact details already. We have visited one another countless times over the years.

In case that the interview materialises telephonically, my answer is clear. I am not the cause of any demonstration. Corruption, poverty and dictatorship are the causes. Not me. Let them address those issues and there will be no demonstration.

May the ancestors of the revolution guide us on the 31st of July as we make our position clear.

Aluta continua.

Cde Robson Nikita Chere.

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